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Enhance the health and readiness of the total military community through wellness education, disease prevention, and promotion of healthy working and living environments. 


Optimize the health of the Tidewater military community by promoting superior and collaborative public health services.

ORGANIZATIONAL VALUES:             - Dignity and Respect 

                                                             - Caring and Compassion

                                                             - Commitment and Excellence

                                                             - Honor and Integrity

After Hours/Emergency Contacts
Normal Business Hours
Normal business hours are from 0730 to 1630, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.  Please use the main phone number to contact the Department of Public Health (DPH), during normal business hours, when rapidly reportable diseases, public health emergencies, risks, problems, environmental, occupational, or industrial hygiene health hazard occurs during business hours.  The main DPH phone number is 757-314-8031. 
Non Duty Hours Phone Number: 
Please contact DPH by using the AOD phone number, 757-508-2949.  The number will contact the administrative officer on duty (AOD) for McDonald Army Health Center.  Inform the AOD you need to speak to someone in DPH.  The AOD will contact the staff member on call.  The staff member on call will contact the individual to obtain more information and will contact the appropriate staff member (i.e. Director, NCOIC, Section Chief) if the staff member is unable to resolve the issue or needs assistance. 

Public Health Resources and Publications

Army Health of the Force Report

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Community Health Assessment

Defense Health Agency

Health of the Force Online

Peninsula Health District

Virginia Department of Health

Virginia Department of Health Data Portal

US Army Public Health Center

Tri-Service Food Code

AR 40-5

DA PAM 40-11

Department of Public Health Services

Public Health Articles:

Public Health Law

Articles and Reports

The Public Health Law Program provides selected articles and reports as resources for public health practitioners and their legal counsel.

Department of Public Health FAQ

Where can I go for testing?
Contact PCM who will determine if you need testing
Who do I contact if I have a positive Service Member/employee?
Contact 314-8037 and submit a FEVA Screening Checklist.
Army Wellness Center Questions
What is a Health Assessment Review?
 A questionnaire that is used to determine the current level of an individual’s health and identify the changes that will be necessary to reduce risk factors for disease prevention and ability to increase physical activity safely.
 What is a Fitness Test and how do I schedule one?
The Physical Fitness Assessment focuses on health related physical fitness components such as cardio-respiratory fitness, body composition, muscular fitness (strength and endurance), and flexibility, which have strong relationships with good health, characterized by an ability to perform daily activities with energy, and are associated with lower prevalence of chronic disease and health conditions and their risk factors. Call AWC at 757-314-7724 to schedule appointment.  Appointment Preparation includes:  No food, exercise, drink, or nicotine for 5 hours prior to appointment.
How do I schedule an initial assessment at the Army Wellness Center?
Call AWC at 757-314-7724 to schedule all appointments
Radiation Safety Questions
How can I get my led aprons inspected?
Call the Radiation Safety Officer at 757-314-8037/8031
Who can I speak to if I have concerns about radiation during pregnancy?
Call the Radiation Safety Officer at 757-314-8037/8031
Should I refuse radiological medical exam or treatment?
Call the Radiation Safety Officer at 757-314-8037/8031
What is radiation and what are the types of radiation?
Call the Radiation Safety Officer at 757-314-8037/8031
Army Public Health Nursing Questions
How do I get a flu vaccine?
Contact provider or call Army Public Health Nursing at 757-314-8037
Do you manage HIV positive patients?
Call Army Public Health Nursing at 757-314-8037
How do I make or cancel an appointment at Army Public Health Nursing Clinic?
Call Army Public Health Nursing at 757-314-8037
Who can I talk to about allergies to Influenza vaccines?
Contact PCM or call Army Public Health Nursing at 757-314-8037
How can I be screened for sexually transmitted infections?
Contact your provider
How do I schedule tobacco counseling?
Contact your provider
Environmental Health Questions
How do I get a Food Handlers certification?
Call Environmental Health at 757-314-8039
How do I manage Regulated Medical Waste?
Call Environmental Health at 757-314-8039
Industrial Hygiene Questions
Who do I contact about air/ventilation problems?
Call Industry Hygiene at 757-314-7781
How do I get fit tested?
Call Industry Hygiene at 757-314-7781
Occupational Health Questions
Can individuals/units schedule group hearing appointments?
Call Occupational Health at 757-314-8038
What do I do if I’m injured on the job/file workers’ compensation?
File CA-1 or CA-2 Online at
Contact Occupational Health at 757-314-8038



Contact Us

Phone:  757-314-8031

After Duty Hours:  757-508-2949


Director of Public Health:


Chief, Army Public Health Nursing:


Director, Army Wellness Center: 

1-757-314-7500 ext 42106 

Chief, Environmental Health:

1-757 314-7500 ext 44513

Chief, Industrial Hygiene: 


Chief, Occupational Health:  

1-757-314-7500 ext 44512

NCIOC, Public Health:


Administrative Officer: 


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Normal Duty Hours:

Mon - Fri: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


2792 Harrison Loop Ft. Eustis, VA 23604

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