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New Digital Platform for EFMP Actions is live
Service members and families are required to log into the new Enterprise EFMP (E-EFMP) website to register and initiate requests. Family Member Travel Screenings will also be processed in E-EFMP.  

Enterprise Exceptional Family Member Program (E-EFMP)

Welcome to E-EFMP

Welcome to the Enterprise Exceptional Family Member Program (E-EFMP) system. The intent of this site is to make it easier and more convenient for Service members and their Families to navigate the wide and sometimes complex array of resources, benefits, and care available.

As you explore the site, remember that enrollment in the EFMP is mandatory for active duty service members who have family members with ongoing medical and/or special educational needs. By registering, it allows us to ensure your Family receives the support and care needed while preventing assignments to locations lacking adequate medical or educational services.

Protection of your personal and health information is extremely important. We understand EFMP profile information is highly sensitive, and it is only accessible by authorized personnel who have a “need to know.” Where appropriate, we also follow all health information privacy laws.

We hope you find this site useful to coordinate the best care and support for your Family. If you have feedback or comments on the site, please click the 'Feedback' menu icon at the bottom of the page.  Winning Matters, People First, Army Strong!

Military One Source

Visit the Special Needs Resources page on Military One Source to find local support and more information about the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) for the military service component you are assigned to.


  • Army, AGR, or Army National Guard soldiers will initiate a package on the E-EFMP website when a family member is identified with an EFMP Medical or Educational diagnosis. 
  • Active-duty soldiers will log into the E-EFMP system with their CAC card or a DS LOG ON. The soldier will create the EFMP enrollment or Update package and designate which dependent family members require an EFMP enrollment or update. DO NOT check family members not enrolled in EFMP. The spouse or family member CANNOT create the EFMP enrollment request. ONLY the active-duty soldier can initiate this step. 
  • After the active-duty soldier registers in E-EFMP, the EFMP Case Coordinator should contact you within 72 hrs. to begin the EFMP Enrollment process. If you have yet to be contacted, contact the EFMP Case Coordinator at 757-314-7500 and follow the prompts to the Pediatric Clinic. You will ask the EFMP Case Coordinator to answer initial medical screening questions and schedule an appointment with the EFMP Medical Director. Your family does not need to be present for this appointment. 
  • A dependent over 18 must create a user id and password on DS LOGON to sign the HIPAA statement once the EFMP Case Coordinator returns the package to the dependent and active-duty soldier for HIPAA signature. 
Once the EFMP enrollment process is complete on the E-EFMP website, the sponsor and family member over 18 will return to the E-EFMP website to review medical information and final signature.


Contact a Representative

To find an EFMP representative, visit the Military Installations website.
If you are overseas, contact the TRICARE Area Office (TAO) Director at 1-888-777-8343 and choose the menu option for your overseas area.


Contact Us

757-314-7500 (follow prompts to the Pediatric Clinic)
Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 
Closed 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. (Lunch)
(No walk-ins, by appointment only)
576 Jefferson Avenue
Fort Eustis, VA 23604

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