Deployment and Medical Readiness Clinic (DMRC)

Deployment Medical Readiness Clinic (DMRC) provides a centralized service for Soldier Readiness needs. Scheduling for most services is facilitated by unit representatives. Walk-in services are available and are annotated on the DMRC Hours and Services document. For questions, or to schedule/cancel an appointment, please contact the DMRC front desk.
  • Unit SRP scheduling via MILPO
  • Individual Augmentee SRP scheduling
  • Pre/Post Deployment Health Assessments (DD2795, DD2796, DD2900)
  • OCONUS PCS requirements (DA 4036)
  • Medical In/Out Processing
  • Commissioning/Warrant/Retirement Physical Exams for Remote Soldiers
  • Routine Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) requirements
  • Medical Care for Foreign Military and their beneficiaries
  • Medical Care for Service Members without an assigned PCM

Overseas Screening

Deployment Medical Readiness Clinic (DMRC) provides walk-in services for to complete overseas suitability screenings from 0700 – 1100 and 1300 – 1500 Monday through Friday. Please note that the DMRC regularly supports unit scheduled events Monday through Thursday, so screening requests may be asked to report on a specific day. Due to the dynamic requirements of the Army, these scheduled events are subject to change rapidly, so we recommend contacting the clinic directly to plan your visit.
  • Medical readiness requirements for OCONUS PCS assignments:
  • Completion of DA 4036
  • Administration of region-specific immunizations

Physical Exams

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DMRC provides Part I and Part II for physicals for High Altitude-Low Opening (HALO), Special Operations, Military Free Fall, SERE, Special Missions, Psychological Operations, Civil Affairs, Commissioning, Ranger, and Airborne.

Periodic Health Assessments

Periodic Health Assessments (PHA) are due every 15 months. To complete your PHA:
  • Log on to
  • Select “Periodic Health Assessment.”
  • Select “Start New Survey” on the PHA tab
  • Service member should complete their portion of the form, then schedule an appointment with their medical provider by calling the Hampton Roads Appointment Center (HRAC) at 1-866-645-4584, or call the VIPRR Clinic at 1-844-863-3236 to book a virtual appointment.

Hearing Conservation

Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System (DOEHRS) Hearing Tests are available for all Active Duty Service Members, and DoD Civilians/ Contractors with an employment requirement. Services may be requested by individual appointment or through unit representatives for mass readiness events. All requests for an audiologist are referral only and are based on individual audiogram results.
To schedule or cancel a hearing appointment, please call the Hampton Roads Appointment Center (HRAC) at 1-866-645-4584.

Flight Medicine


Services Offered 

Part I and Part II Physicals for all Classes of Army Flight and Diving.
Provide medical care for assigned Aviators/Crew and Divers.
For all other Physicals, please refer to Primary Care Home Team.
Please see below PDF for physical instructions:

Access to Care 

Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard Aviators, Divers or those applying to qualify for those career fields.


To schedule or cancel an appointment call the Flight Medicine Clinic at 757-314-8026.

Contact Us

757-314-8026, DSN: 826-8026
Hours: Mon - Fri: 0700-1600
Location: 664 Darcy Place Ft. Eustis, VA 23604
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