Health Services

Fort Eustis Dental Headquarters

Description of Services 

Administrative assistance for five Dental Clinics at Fort Eustis, Fort Story and Fort Lee, which includes Human Resource, Computer Management, Training and Operations for the Dental Activity.

Telephone Directory 

Office:  757-314-7980

Fax:  757-314-7942

DENTAC Commander:  757-314-7911

Senior Dental NCO:  757-314-7988

Administrative Officer:  757-314-7928

Human Resource:  757-314-7714

Credentials Coordinator:  757-314-7944

Administrative Assistant:  757-314-7716

Operations/Training:  757-314-7509

Information Management:  757-314-7768

Contact Us

Hours:Mon-Fri 0730-1600 
Closed Federal Holidays
Location:Bldg. 577 Sternberg Ave, Fort Eustis, VA 23604
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